Our History
A Brief History of Knockerdown

In the 16th century, Thomas Gell constructed the first recorded house, now known as Hopton Hall. Subsequently, the Gell family developed Hopton Hall and oversaw the construction of various buildings in the Derbyshire region, including The Knockerdown.

Established in 1838 as 'The Greyhound,' the inn derived its name from the Gell family crest depicting a dog. Over time, it acquired the affectionate local nickname 'Nock-a-down.'

The Gell family sold The Knockerdown in 1919, followed by subsequent sales and its acquisition by Marstons Brewery in 1931.

2023: The Knockerdown rejoins Hopton Hall

Fast forward to 2023, and the Hopton Hall Estate reacquired The Knockerdown, to renovate and reopen the local pub.

We aim to honour its extensive history, and you will see the family heritage present in the décor and ambiance of The Knockerdown.

Whether you have visited The Knockerdown in the past or a regular visitor, we look forward to welcoming you back to this historic local pub.

Rediscover the Past. Savour the Present. Welcome to The Knockerdown.